What luxury watch brand is a must have!

So you want a luxury watch and to be frank you have a lot of choices. It wasn’t as complex before but a lot of new trendy brands have popped up and started challenging Rolex, Cariter, Patek, and Hublot for the sales. Now you have brands like URWERK and Richard Mille both available at retailers like westime.com.


Richard Mille RM011 RG IvoryRM011-RG-sm-e1396486608656


What would you rather have a classic Rolex timepiece or a new trendy brand like URWERK or Richard Mille? I personally would go with the Rolex brand watches which in my opinion hold their value much better than other luxury watch brands.

Don’t Call Them Cheap Engagement Rings

We all aspire to find that one of a kind unique and unforgettable engagement ring. Well now, there’s a stunning new collection from Coronet Diamonds that many have been waiting for. Coronet Diamonds has introduced it’s new Commitment Collection, which has beautiful seven diamond cluster engagement rings that out shine the traditional low cost diamond ring.The alternative to high priced diamond engagement rings designed by Coronet Diamonds. Don’t get me wrong you can purchase a less inferior diamond. Let’s even assume you purchase it from a reputable jeweler but you still won’t get much out of that diamond. Traditional low cost diamonds may have an inferior cut, polish, and symmetry, which could take away from the diamond’s overall quality not to mention the color and clarity. So if you’re working with a smaller budget you should look into Coronet’s Commitment Collection which features a patented 7 diamond cluster setting. The patented setting mimics a single round diamond but unlike a traditional single diamond with 54 facets this coronet setting has 399 facets made up of 7 diamonds. Think about how brilliantly 399 facets will sparkle across a room. Coronet’s Commitment Collection only uses VS quality Excellent cut diamonds to create each piece. This allows their patented design to appear as if it were a single stone and even out shine many single diamond stones. This beautiful ring is not only uniquely stunning, but is offered at an incredible price. You can pickup an engagement ring starting at $1125 that looks like a single one carat diamond which traditionally will cost around $4500 – $10000. Coronet’s Commitment Collection requires little commitment and a lifetime of happiness.


Finding The Best Engagement Ring Designer

If you’re in the market for designer engagement rings you have a lot of brand options. The question is which brand is you for. Like all other branded products each designer has it’s price point and distinguished designs.

unique engagement rings danhov

If you’re looking for a designer engagement ring that’s completely handmade and actually made in the USA you must check out Danhov. Designed by Jack  Hovsepian, his designs are truly unique and are very well designed and crafted. Danhov has won numerous awards for their engagement rings and other fine jewelry. You can purchase Danhov at Robbins Brothers and other top retailers across the United States along with online retailers like Barclay’s which also has a storefront in Miami, Florida.

You can also Tacori as one of the top brands in the designer engagement ring category. However, they are very expensive engagement rings. Tacori is also made in the USA.

Verragio is another designer engagement ring that’s made in the USA. They tend to have much more of a vintage look and are also available at retailers nationwide.

Uneek by Benjamin Javaheri designer engagement rings are also made in the USA. Uneek is known for their fancy colored diamond engagement rings which are much rarer and expensive than traditional white diamonds. They also have a less expensive Unity collection which is available at exclusive retailers like JB Hudson and Smyth Jewelers.

Which Diamond Stud Earring is For You?

You have a lot of choices when you want to buy diamond stud earrings. Not only, can you decide where you should purchase your earrings it’s also which ones are for you. There are many different things to look for what shape diamond the most popular diamond shape is Round then Princess. Then you have the options for the basket which the diamond is set in. The most popular is 4 prong and then 3 prong settings. Most consumers today tend to go with 18k white gold but the rose gold settings are gaining a lot of popularity as well. The more traditional setting is of course Platinum. Then comes the your budget because according to your budget you can purchase the diamond’s itself. You can find diamond stud earrings from $179 all the way to millions. It all depends on your budget which will determine the total carat weight and quality of the diamonds. (Clarity, Color, Cut, Carat) basically the 4 C’s will play a huge roll on price more than the basket metal (platinum or gold) because thats just a small part of the price/cost of diamond studs.

Diamond Stud Earrings

diamond stud earrings from diamondstuds.com

You can go traditional and pick out a diamond stud with round diamonds and 4 prong basket.


Black Diamond Studs

black diamond studs with rose gold basket

These are more trendy than traditional diamond studs, if you want to view black diamond stud earring you can view them here.

Halo Diamond Studs

halo diamond studs

You can also look into halo diamond studs which are basically diamond studs earrings which are set with a halo of smaller diamonds around it. This will give it an illusion of a much larger diamond from far. Halo studs are good because they tend to be less expensive for a larger look.

Trendy Diamond Halo Rings

Tacori RoyalT

There are a lot of brands that have trendy designed halo rings. One of the most popular brands is Tacori.  I myself prefer an award-winning designer such as Danhov, where they actually make all their halo designs 100% by hand. So they qualify as handmade rings. Don’t get me wrong I also like Tacori but they’re over priced in my opinion and a lot of the designs are larger than what I prefer in an engagement ring.

So of my friends also like Verragio but like Tacori I think they are more expensive than other designers and you don’t get much value for your dollar.